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Our holistic approach to the crisis of family homelessness includes shelter and stabilization services in partnership with the community.

Shelter & Food Program:

  • Families needing assistance meet with our Family Advocate to verify they qualify for the program. The specifics can be found at GET HELP

  • Typical day for a guest family:
    • Early evening – families arrive at the host congregation via our van or by personal car. Guests enjoy a dinner with each other and volunteers, followed by homework and family time. Each guest family has their own room and each person has their own cot with linens.
    • The next morning – The host will provide “make your own” breakfast, lunch and snacks. Families prepare their own meals and get ready to leave for the day.
    • The Family Promise van will take all guests to the Day Center in Noblesville where they can shower if needed. From there, guests can go to work or school and gather back at the Day Center around 5 pm. We work with families for their specific transportation needs.

    • Guests can also use the Day Center for the entire day. It has a washer and dryer, computers, living room and a small kitchen. This is also where classes and various mentoring sessions for guests occur.

    • Congregations host families for one week, Sunday evening to Sunday morning. Guests go to a new host congregation every Sunday evening. The families are in the program for a maximum of 90 days.


Stabilization Services:

  • Family Plan: Our Family Advocate works with guests to create a unique family plan for success. We provide job and career guidance, financial literacy classes, other mentoring, or assess childcare opportunities. Goals will be established, including saving money while in the program for future rent.

  • Permanent Housing: We work with local landlords/property managers to find your next home within a realistic budget. Your rental history/evictions will largely determine how easy this process will be.

Follow-up Services:

We provide up follow-up services for up to two years to ensure that families continue to meet their goals and stay on the path to self-sufficiency!

About Family Promise of Hamilton County

Family Promise of Hamilton County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) addressing the needs of families experiencing homelessness in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Based on the support of volunteers and host congregations, Family Promise builds programs from existing resources so they can be implemented quickly, and without major start-up costs.

Our Address

  • PO Box 2073, Noblesville, IN 46061
  • (317) 774-5196
  • @FPHamiltonCo
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